Best Mattress Tops 100×200 cm

Strictly speaking, toppers are nothing more than small mattresses. On the one hand, they promise comfort and also protect the mattress. Super they are also suitable because they can equip to hard mattresses with a softer feeling. True to the motto: “Only those who bed well, who can sleep well”, it is, therefore, worthwhile to take a closer look at mattresses Topper with 100×200 cm dimensions.

Visco Topper 100×200

100×200 cm mattresses Toppers made of Visco- / Memory Foam have the advantage that they work very pressure-relieving and point-elastic, in addition, they react to incoming heat. On the one hand, the topper adapts very precisely to one’s own sleeping position and weight distribution, while the transfer of heat also “stores” this preference – hence the English term “memory foam”. The sleeping feeling becomes softer, which is why Visco toppers are perfect for mattresses that are felt to be too hard. Especially back and side sleepers benefit from it.

Cold foam topper in 100×200 cm

Cold foam toppers with 100×200 cm dimensions are the ideal choice when sweating fast. Discharged moisture is quickly distributed and equally quickly “exhaled” by the topper, whereby the heat, as well as the moisture, ca not accumulate. For restless sleepers, the material is also suitable because it quickly moves back to its original shape after a position change and a Kuhlenbildung is prevented.

Topper made of gel

The novel material combines the strengths of both materials. But it does not respond to body heat, but to the applied pressure and adapts lightning fast, which is why gel toppers are well suited for any sleeping position. It also creates a soft feeling, which one must appreciate if one decides for a 100×200 cm gel foam topper. The material is temperature-neutral and therefore suitable for chilblains. For people who are hot, the cold foam is still the better alternative. The decisive advantage of the gel foam is finally evident with regard to the allergy sufferers because bacteria can only proliferate extremely hard on this material. Thus, irritation can be completely prevented if the cover is additionally washed often enough at 60 degrees.

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